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Russia, Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg      


About Saint Petersburg

This city is called in different ways - Northern Venice, North Palmira, North Aurora . But none of these names can fully express the glorious enchantment, inimitable elegance and unique charm and originality of Saint-Petersburg.

The unique feature of Saint-Petersburg is that not only the city itself was built according to a single design, harmonically matching the beautiful surroundings.

Saint-Petersburg made a match to a marvellous ensemble, consisting of beautiful suburban palaces, mansions, wonderful parks.

Peter's Petergoph, Ekaterina's Tsarskoye Selo, Pavel's Pavlovsk, Oranienbaum of Peter the Third...

Russia, Saint Petersburg

Today Saint Petersburg is a major industrial, scientific, cultural and business centre of the new Russia , with a population over 5 mln people. The city is the centre of a free economic zone.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a famous Russian writer, said: Beauty will save the world. Saint Petersburg is the beauty itself, and if you doubt this - come and see it with your own eyes.

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